Our Vision & Mission

Chilean Australian Association INC.


To bring together the Chilean community in Australia, especially in NSW, in order to promote a positive image of Chile by means of its most diverse cultural expressions, in Australian society and among the new generations of Chilean-Australians.


To become a reference point in promoting the cultural and patrimonial riches of Chile among the younger generations of Chileans in Australia, in particular in NSW and in Australian society, by promoting synergies between the various cultural efforts of Chilean and Australian institutions.​


1. To promote the cultural wealth of Chile within Australian society, to serve as a bridge in the dialogue and communication between it and the Chilean community, observing in its actions an unrestricted respect for human rights and individual and collective freedoms, without discriminating by reason of gender, race, religion or political belief, becoming a neutral forum in matters of political and religious doctrine.
2. To promote the cultural heritage of Chile among present and future generations of Australian-Chileans.

3. To serve as a meeting place for friends and admirers of Chile.

4. To facilitate communication with fellow countrymen who are taking part in the various programs for residents in Australia.

5. To coordinate and collaborate in obtaining scholarships and funds for the development of Australia’s multicultural society.

6.To enourage the creation of cultural ties between Chile and Australia, starting with the Chilean community resident in Australia, as well as their descendants and friends, and making this organization the principal tool for achieving these objectives.

7. As part of its function the association can make financial contributions to organizations that promote similar objectives.

8. To promote research and study regarding historical and cultural ties between Chile and Australia and of the insertion of their citizens into both countries.

9. It may receive and grant donations and voluntary contributions to promotional initiatives that meet the objectives of the organization.

10. While carrying out its objectives, the association may sign agreements to collaborate with other groups or government organizations, as well as diplomatic and/or consular representatives in Australia.

11. To promote the publication and promotion of initiatives and research, written, audio-visual or digital, which create a better understanding of the culture and history of Chile, both in Australia and in Chile.

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